Private Training Programs

Private 1:1 program options are available in your home as well as in our facility. 

We offer programs from Basic obedience to off-leash training and more. 

Programs are based on results not just # of lessons and are tailored to meet the goals of you and your dog. 

Contact us to schedule your consultation today 760-278-4248.

Pricing based on in clients home within our service area.

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A person with blond hair, a black shirt, and blue pants. Holding her am out above a grey Weimaraner dog's head as it looks up toward the treat. he dog is wearing a blue-collar. 

Our Private Training Programs are Results Based Programs tailored to meet your dog's needs. We always start with a 75-minute initial consultation to meet you, your dog(s), and address all areas of concern. We do some light training at that lesson and develop a training plan to reach our goals. 
Unlike traditional hourly plans, programs offer lessons routinely of 30 minutes to 1 hour until goals are met, within a set amount of time. 
In addition to lessons in your home, we also include unlimited group training classes for 6 months to a year. This ensures all dogs get proper socialization, gives owners a chance to make friends for themselves and their dog, and to engage in mental and physical stimulation. 













Dogs with trainer

How are our programs different. Because we are goal-oriented and results-driven our programs save you money by not having to constantly buy more lesson packages and get back on the schedule for training.  We offer online support, homework handouts, and 1:1 training with certified trainers and behavior consultants who are up to date on the most successful and humane methods for your dogs that are readily available for practical application. 

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