Not all crates are created equal

When it comes to traveling with your pet, there is not much else safer than having your pet in a crate. However, not all crates are created equal. It is a misnomer that you can buy one crate and use it in the home, on a plane, and in the car. The reality- they are all different.

Every dog should be crate trained for safety in the event of an emergency or natural disaster. Even if you never plan to ever leave your dog in a crate, even if you think it is cruel and there are better ways to housebreak etc. Your dog still needs to be crate trained. Why? Because in the event that something happens to you, or your dog is injured, or seriously ill, confinement may be necessary during transportation, treatment, and rehabilitation. So your dogs safety physical and mental is of the upmost priority.

Now lets get into crates. What types of crates are there?

- Airline Crates (commonly called pet taxis). These are constructed of hard plastic and usually a metal grate door. There are ventilation holes along the sides and top or all over, depending on brand. These are primarily for use in the home, at sporting events, during transportation, and on airlines. They are made for airline travel and not safety rated well for use in the car. They can be tedious to set up having to screw all the locks on. They do store well up on a shelf in the garage with the top inverted inside the bottom. But are not space savers. A dog with reactivity or SA can chew themselves out of these crates.

Wire Collapsible or Pin Driven Crates (also known as metal crates, house kennels)

These are very open ventilation crates that allow the dog to be a part of the action vs in a more den like environment. They usually have 2 doors one on the front and one on the side and some models come with a metal, plastic, or grate covered crate liner. We will discuss those later on. They can be easy to set up and side under a bed or in a closet. If you are dealing with a pin crate, expect to have 1 or two people help you. A dog with SA could seriously harm themselves, worse, by chewing and bending wires to get themselves out.

Soft sided crates (also called pop ups for small sizes a sherpa)-

These are easy to assemble, easy to store, fabric with screen, soft crates. These are meant for dog shows, sporting events, in the home for dogs who are NOT nervous or destructive, They offer no protection during travel, can not be used on airlines for dogs too large to fit under the seat. They are a nice comfy spot for your dog to take a break when you are traveling in an RV or at a dog friendly event. Not for SA dogs or reactive dogs. A dog could body slam these crates and rip right out of them.

Impact Crates are just that. Crates designed to protect a dog from being crushed during an impact. They are heavy, they are very solid, and with a properly designed impact crate your dog isn't getting out. This doesn't mean your dog who has anxiety so bad they break out of a crate should be put into one, as even those designed for separation anxiety can be damaged, but worse, cause your dog to seriously injure themselves. Even if they do not get out of the crate to do it.

The #1 rated impact crate on the market right now is the Gunner impact crate.

If your dog is dealing with separation anxiety or reactivity and has damaged a kennel or crate already CALL US TODAY 760-278-4248 or click the Chat button to your right.

When you are looking at wire crates it is important to determine what type of flooring you essentially want inside it. Plastic, Metal, or Grate.

Plastic- easy to remove, clean, and replace if damaged. Easily damaged by those who dig the floor to get comfy, can be pulled up and chewed apart easily.

Metal- Easy to remove, clean, and replace. Heavier and more expensive. Can be chewed on and injure the chewer- it is metal. Not easily broken. Can rust if constantly moist.

Grates- are designed for urine to move away and off of the dog as well as feces in some cases. These are horrible for your dogs feet and are for short term use as in grooming or veterinary care of an animal during a visit.

There are two different types one that is actually humane for short term use and then the rabbit hutch style seen in puppy mills and are inhumane and damaging to the dog physically.

Acceptable short term grate kennel

Cautions as toes and toenails can get caught in these grooves and the dog can be injured. Using towels or blankets across the grate can help to prevent this


These style crates are common among puppy mills and uneducated or uncaring breeders. They are meant to keep the dogs out of their own urine and feces and cause permanent damage to the dogs feet, posture, and problems like breaks, arthritis, and gait problems.

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