Pawty Terms & Conditions

#1 WAIVER FORMS: Each guest must have their waiver form signed ONLY by their legal guardian. Other adults are NOT allowed to sign for children for whom they are not a legal guardian. When carpooling, please make sure all children have completed forms with them. No one is allowed to play without a completed form! * Waiver forms must be filled out and initialed in their entirety. The waivers cannot be modified or crossed out in any way or the participant will NOT be allowed to participate-NO EXCEPTIONS.


#2 ARRIVAL TIME: Please arrive 15 minutes prior to your scheduled arena time, and remind your guests to arrive at that time as well. As a courtesy to parties held before yours and allowing staff to set up for your party. During your arrival, please do not arrive more than 15 minutes early. During this 15-minute period, our staff will check in your party guests, check their waiver forms, and distribute necessary items to all participants so that your party can begin on time.


#3 LIST OF GUESTS: Remember to bring your list of "expected" guests, and give this to our coach or party host who will be checking in your guests with their waiver forms. Please email the list 1 week in advance of your pawty ; For safety reasons, we cannot allow children four to be in the area for any reason while dogs are off-leash playing. All infants and toddlers must remain in a stroller or with their parents at all times.


#4 GUEST COUNT: Covid precautions require that all people be socially distanced and wear their facemasks outside of eating and drinking. Any guests who have potentially been exposed, have been feeling ill, have a fever, or any other covid symptoms will not be permitted for safety reasons. Failure to comply with this condition leaves the booking family responsible for any and all damages that occur. 

#5 DOG HEALTH- Any dogs that have vomiting, diarrhea, lethargy, or other transmittable health condition or suspected health condition will not be admitted. Any dogs displaying aggression or reactivity will be excluded from group play for safety reasons. 

#6 BALANCE DUE DAY OF EVENT: Your deposit is only to place your event on hold. Deposits are 50% of the total booking cost. The remainder of your party fees are due 2 weeks prior to your party schedule date 


#7 GRATUITIES: Our playcare supervisors are professionally trained to run your pawty. They wish to make your customized pawty experience exceptional! Many families ask us what is appropriate to tip their professional event coach, a suggested tip amount is 10-20% of the party total. Please tip as you feel inspired. Our Playcare supervisors are fired up and excited to serve you and make your celebration exciting and safe.


#8 COVID SAFE FOOD Service: We will be serving food and drink to your guests for them to prevent handling of or breathing upon food and drink stations. Please provide your guests with a copy of the menu so they can identify the food items available for consumption with ease and safety.


#9 BRINGING OUTSIDE ITEMS INTO THE FACILITY:  We do not allow: coolers, crockpots, or skillets in the facility and we ask that you please refrain from bringing chips and small candies. All food brought into the facility must be consumed in YOUR pawty area ONLY. PLEASE NO EXCEPTIONS!


#10 BRINGING DRINKS INTO THE FACILITY: We DO NOT allow coolers inside the facility. If you wish to serve drinks, please transport them in a paper or plastic bag so they may be disinfected and served.


#11 NO SILLY STRING, CONFETTI, POPCORN, BOUNCY BALLS, GOLF BALLS, NO NUTS, NO DARK CHOCOLATE. These are safety hazards to all the dogs coming to the party and the ecological environment in the area. 

#12 Please no running, climbing on tables, climbing on the rocks, or jumping into the culverts. This is a natural desert terrain and you need to watch where you walk. 

#13 PHOTOS & VIDEOS- of the party, dogs, and guests may be used in advertising and social media materials.