Fat Dog Camp


Fat Dog Camp was designed to meet the needs of today's urbanized dogs. Gone are the days where your dog had acres of space to play and roam. When you could let your dog out to go explore the neighborhood, and like your kids, they would be back before nightfall. 

We now deal with working families living in condos, apartments, converted homes, dogs who travel the globe, or go to work with their humans. Life is as different for our dogs now, as it is for us. This is why it is so important to understand proper nutrition and its impact on your dogs health, wellness, and behavior. Yes I said behavior! Diet changes more in a dog than just their waistline. 

We offer multiple options to get you and your dogs on the path to a happy, healthier life for longer. 

The Programs

Virtual This program consists of access to our online classroom where you can find cooking how to's, recipes, physical exercise regimens, our food calculator, and information on supplementation and cooking with healthy spices and oils.Monthly Q& A's Access to our facebook support group. $35.00 per month.

Blended The Blended program consists of all of the same benefits of our virtual program but with your dog's meal prep included. We make and prepare your dogs meals fresh for the month and you pick up. Just use a baggie or container for each meal. Remove all of the guesswork and focus on your attendance in our group fido and your fitness classes or Fido and you yoga. $120.00-250.00 per month depending on meal costs.

Fat Dog Fit Camp - Do you need your dog to lose the weight, or gain the muscle, and come home just for you to be able to maintain it? Want lifetime support for your dog and you through the journey to getting healthy? Well, then Fat Dog Fit Camp is for you, well for your dog and you. We bring your dog into our home, we change their diet to meet their needs, slowly add in an exercise program and take them for routine weigh-ins so you can get updates and track their progress from the comfort of your own home. During their camp, you can take the fitness classes with them and enjoy seeing their transformation while we prepare you for the changes that will happen when they come home. We offer lifetime access to our virtual program and Facebook support group and unlimited 1:1 follow-up for the rest of your dog's life. If something changes or we need to change their diet to meet new needs, we guide you through that process. never worry about your dog packing on those pounds or losing muscle tone again.

Price varies based on length of stay. Contact us