Dogs with trainer


Big Dog Daycare is specifically designed for those dogs who are 60 pounds and Over. 

Somethings you will notice that are different between our Daycare and the more traditional ideas. 

* Primarily outdoors when weather permits to allow for lots of space to move and play

* We are an enrichment program so dogs get plenty of breaks and opportunities to learn new things and explore new novelties. 

* We match dogs by the following criteria.   Size, Play Style, Developmental Stage. 

* We have no breed restrictions

* We have no requirement for early neuter unless a dog is displaying behaviors that necessitate it to return to daycare.

* We are a Low-Stress facility. This means we address the underlying behaviors that cause behaviors such as barking, humping, pacing, etc. 

* All dogs must pass a temperament test and an intro day. 

* All dogs must have lunch. This can be done by lowering their breakfast and dinner amount to create lunch it helps keeps them fueled during our busy days. 

The first two weeks of dogs in our program involve them going through our basic manners program unless they test out of it during their intro day. This involves manners such as: 

                             Leave It

                             On your mat

                              Back from the gate



                               Loose Leash Skills

We do not offer drop-in daycare. Dogs are prescheduled and there are set arrival and pickup times. 

Our daily rate is 55.00 and the more days you prebook the more $ you save!


If you are interested in enrolling your dog please Contact us here.


We are Proud to have presented at the 2020 International Boarding and Pet Services Association Industry Conference on lowering Fear, Anxiety, and Stress in Dog Daycare and Boarding Facilities for Multiple Species. You can learn more here. 

We also offer this Online recorded webinar for industry professionals about structuring their daycare environments to lower FAS levels. You can access this here.