Fully Trained Service Dogs Available for Placement

We offer service dog training to clients directly as well as fully trained service dogs to the general public. We primarily focus on Psychiatric service dogs and Auditory Impairment dogs. If you are interested in any of the dogs we currently have available please contact us directly. 760-278-4248 or Info@allbigcanines.com

Lady Bug

Is a 22 month old spayed, vaccinated, chipped Beagle. She is cleared of Hips and elbows. She is trained to provide:

Deep pressure therapy at the onset of changes in breathing, change in intonation, body language cues.

Alerts to alarms on devices.

Retrieves medication bag at a cue 

Is trained to a push-button alert for select physical responses and changes in handler behavior

Alert public for LOC.

Public Access Trained

This will include transitioning onto handler.

Low Income, BIPOC, Veteran - first priority placements

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